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In- Bound Call Centre Services
We help our clients maximize their customer satisfaction rate by providing 24x7 phone answering services. We also provide both up-selling and cross- selling services to them develop their business. Our facilities are equipped with latest Call Centre technologies like CTI, Soft Phone, Predictive Dialler Software, ACD, IVR and Fax on Demand, Voice logging and Call Blending. It is now your one stop Call Centre for your Inbound and Outbound Call Centre Services.

Some of other services include:-
Claims Processing
Order Taking
Product Information Requests
Billing queries

Out- Bound Call Centre Services
We serve our clients with excellent outbound call centre services and our efficiency has earned us the trust of our clients. We operate a result oriented process that creates value for money. And it doesn't end there, our outbound BPO services function as an extended arm of our client's companies, thereby producing remarkable results.

Our comprehensive Outbound Center Services include - Telemarketing, Lead generation, Account Management, Appointment Setting, Market Research & Surveys, Fax-On-Demand, Tele Research, Customer Surveys, Database Cleaning, Subscription Renewal, Outsourcing Call Center Services, Product or Service Launch and Promotion, Trade Show Follow Up and Service Follow Up.

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