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We at EBIZDRIVE are committed to providing our client's with transcription services of the best possible grade in the industry. We are a Transcription Company that manages your transcription projects with an accuracy guarantee.

We only use technically qualified transcriptionists who have successfully cleared our rigorous transcription test. We also offer best pricing for your project through our transparent, simpleand affordable transcription rates. Our desire is to provide you with the best possible transcription services so that you can be freed up to do what you do best.

Our transcription services are tailored to help anyone in almost any industry in need of having their audios transcribed. Our typical projects are for business transcription, general transcription, interview transcription, insurance transcription, academic transcription, legal transcription and more. We provide affordable transcription services to meet your deadline without breaking your budget.

We guarantee a 98% rate of accuracy or better.

We understand that our transcription quality has to meet your standards in order to get paid for the transcription work.

We at Ebizdrive are committed to giving you the best transcription service in the industry.

A professional transcriptionist who is used to your style, accent and context will produce accurate transcription every time, without fail. Your virtual transcriptionist will be loyal, on time, and less expensive than getting the same job done in-house.

Remember, this is a skilled profession! Ebizdrive transcriptionists are rigorously tested to meet our strict level of language and terms mastery and professional skills you need to get your projects done the right way.

Our transcription services are tailored to help anyone in almost any industry in need of having audio transcribed.
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