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Income tax return outsourcing work at IFR is very cheap. IFR does the work for you at a much lower rate Everybody wants to pay their taxes timely and be tax free as soon as possible. This sees a heavy rush of customers to their CPAs office during the tax season in the US. Integrated Financial Resources is an outsourcing company for CPAs and accounting firms. Accounting and bookkeeping is a seasonal business, so income tax return outsourcing spells more earnings of revenue of revenue for CPAs and accounting firms.

Income tax return outsourcing with IFR involves a very simple process. You will have to supply us with the source documents. You can either fax or scan and upload the source documents to our team of accountants. Once we receive the source documents work will be started immediately on the project. During the process of working on the document, you can log in through our web enabled document management system and check for yourself the status of the work done. After the completion of the work you will be notified via email.

than what would have been charged by US CPAs. The amount which is saved by not hiring the expensive professionals automatically translates into profit for the accounting firm. Income tax return outsourcing also helps accounting firms to free up their internal resources and manpower. Firms can make use of these resources to generate new business leads.
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