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Bookkeeping outsourcing at IFR is designed to help clients derive more profit out of the entire process. Accounting firms do not need to undertake any new monetary investment to get profits. Outsourcing also helps clients free up their internal resources and manpower. Our client can make use of these resources for generating new business leads.

Bookkeeping outsourcing at IFR is very simple. You will just have to fax or scan and upload your source documents to us. All our employees work in a secure environment while doing our clients bookkeeping and accounting work. The finished worked is thoroughly examined by the team leader before our client is informed via email about the completion of the process.

Clients can check and keep track of the progress of the bookkeeping outsourcing work done by our professionals through a web enabled document management system. You can log in at any time from anywhere to check the status of your work done by us at IFR.
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