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3D Processing
Medical Billing and Coding
Raw images from CT and MR exams are transmitted securely from our clients website to our labs where state-of-art equipment ensure that we produce high quality 3D reconstructions with the minimum time lag.

We also provide customized protocols to meet our client specific requirements. Our customized protocols include MR / CT Angiographies for body parts such as, renal, neck, head, pulmonary etc.

Salient Features include the following:-

  • Radiologists perform 3D work or QC on every study to ensure high quality
  • Night and weekend shifts are available for efficient patient care. Scanned images received through the night are processed and delivered before 8 AM the next morning
  • We follow the protocols that our clients lay down so that they can elect our standard offering
  • We offer savings of 35% to 50% for our clients.
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